Tindipotha’s 3 favorite vegetarian breakfast places :

1) Namma SLN :

Namma SLN located in Gandhi bazaar just next to roti ghar. Avery small shop with no seats to sit but I personally love their dishes. Must try here as the crisp sabakki dose/masala dose, veg pulav,sabakki idly. Top all this dishes with extra ghee & that’s how you eat here. Absolutely bliss. Cost for two is approximately Rs 150/- and the perfect time to go here is 8-9am and be ready for a crowd in the weekends.


2) Sidappa Hotel :

This palce is located next to shree anjaneya temple in sampangi rama nagar in central
Bangalore. Best time to go here is the time of opening that is 8:15 Am in weekdays and 7:30 Pm in weekends.The place is a small home and is always crowded and dishes get over very quickly and you should be there on time to try everything. Start your eating with idly with sagu and chutney topped with ghee. Next to try is the kaali dose with the company. This place is always crowded and they make this masala dose, cut it into two halves and give it as their iconic half masala dose. If you are still hungry, try their very delicious veg pulav. You need to be lucky to get their pulav. Cost for two is around Rs 180/-.



3) Chikanna tiffin room :

Located in cottonpete, this place has some amazing doses. Must try here are the crispy and roast masala dose served with chutney. Then try the kaali dose with aloo sagu ,chutney and top it with a spoon of ghee. Absolutely love it. And also bath masala dose with solid chutney is surely a solid choice here. Their dose itself is very unique and definitely a must try place when you are in town. Cost for two is approximately Rs 180/- which is totally worth every bite.



Tindipotha’s 3 favorite non veg Sunday breakfast place:

1) NV Naidu hotel :

This is a legendary place of namma Bengaluru operational from 1969. The best time to go here on a Sunday would be around 7:30 – 8am. My usual and favorite order here is a glass of leg soup, piping hot dose with mutton kheema masala. Next order would be the mutton biryani with chicken kurma. The cost for two comes up to Rs 450/- which is just reasonable for their iconic taste.



2)Ranganna Military Hotel :

Ranganna is the top pick for a family Sunday breakfast spot with core naati(country style) food. My first order here will obviously be leg soup with dose or idly. And which goes good with it you ask? Try mutton liver fry, mutton kheema ball and naati chicken kurma. If you still want to have more, they have a very unique mutton/chicken pulav and have it with boti gojju. Totally love the combo. Cost for two here is around Rs 550/- .



3)Anand Dum Biryani (hoskote) :

Located in Hoskote, a 40 minute drive from central Bengaluru ( 35kmsapprox). This place is just perfect for a early morning drive with your friends and family followed by extremely good food. Best and the only two things to have here is leg soup and mutton biryani. This biryani here is totally different from everywhere else which will make you come here often.




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