Salt & Pepper look

Actors do not age. Yes, That’s right. Shah Rukh Khan is 51 but doesn’t give a hint in his movies. Accepting one’s age and not hiding it from people in showbiz is a great deal. But, of late many are coming out of the norms and displaying their age gracefully. Shifting from the hero image to uncle, and then from father to grandfather takes years and the hidden colored hair gets revealed as a grandfather. An indication of aging is the graying of hairs and by the time Men enter 40 s, they get into salt and pepper look which is the early and mid graying (so called white) hairs accompanied with dark hairs. Most of the actors do not accept portraying this look in India or Internationally but some actors dare to go real.

George Clooney is an International Brand Ambassador for displaying his late 40’s look or salt and pepper look. While it gave a formal and dignified look to Barack Obama, it looked super sexy on George Clooney. 

In India, specifically in South India, Ajith Kumar took that step. And even today, nobody can beat his cool, bold, sexy yet cute and elegant salt and pepper look.

Salt and pepper look indicate mid-age and a mature mind that has accepted the aging and flaunting it with confidence and charm. So, the gray matter in a brain should be should be solid gray and white enough to penetrate through your muscles, peep through your skin and reflect in your attitude.

So, now is the time we find many actors shredding the norms and hugging this look. While some old actors nearing 60 s or already in 60 s are going cool, like with Mammotomy and Mohanlal who showed their maturity, Superstar Rajnikanth oozed out style in every gray.

After 60 s the nearing and early 50 s took it up and we saw Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan from Bollywood, Jagapathi Babu from Tollywood, Vikram from Kollywood. Akshay Kumar frankly declared he would not mind carrying his real looks in all his movie moving forward. While Aamir Khan’s look was apt for the mature role, one could not stop admiring the way Vikram soaked it. Jagapathi Babu gave us a fierce yet stunning look but Madhavan’s light speckle looks blistering cute.

When our eyes are still on them, one Man comes and grabs our attention and he is ‘made in India’ Milind Soman. He proves that be it black, shaved, or gray, he is a hottie all the way. His S&P is scorching sexy and if you do not agree, u r either a jealous of his looks or u do not belong to planet Earth.

Talking about Bollywood, Akshay Kumar in Airlift boldly carried it and announced later that he would carry the same on-screen and off-screen proportional to his roles. While Aamir Khan raw gray appearance went along with his role, sporting it with style was not seen.

Displaying the gray is super cool but taking up gray look while young is quiet a dare and Prithviraj, Kunchacko Boban and Dulquer Salmaan from Mollywood and Varun Dhawan from Bollywood took up this surprising challenge in their 30 s. Since youngsters are ready to flaunt this look and still manage to keep the bars high why shouldn’t it be embraced when we have it in real?

So, all the Men who hate hair coloring, have an option to stylishly let those gray see the world or let the world see that gray. Keep it real the cool way.

Sowmya H Reddy.
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