who is your favorite warrior princess?

When thought of them as just glam dolls, they pick up a challenge and pose a new question. No matter how many glamours roles an Indian actress appears, her most remembered would be the one she appears as a strong headed Indian Woman. More specifically the ones she appears as a warrior princess. Not every actress gets a chance to live such characters and even if they do, not many leave their mark. Here are some of the recent warrior princesses who inspired us to be like them.

Anushka Shetty as Devasena and Rudramma Devi

She has created a place for herself in the history of Indian Cinema as Devasena. You cannot think of a replacement for her. Her Charisma, her persona was more than perfect and she weaved a magical web in Baahubali.

Her attitude in Rudramma Devi as a fearless protector and ruler was as dynamic as a real ruler.

Tammanah as Avantika

In Baahubali – the beginning, we had;Tammanah playing the role of a warrior village girl on a mission to save her Queen. She looked cute and determined and un-exceedingly gorgeous.

Aishwarya Rai as Jodha

This will be remembered as Rai’s best movie and the movie which brought out the best in her. As a Rajput princess marrying a Moghul yet holding on to her traditions and values, winning the heart of the King was asweet journey. Her strong personality is a perfect example of what a Woman has to be like.

Deepika Padukone as Mastani

A fearsome warrior, a passionate lover and a proud human being, does as she pleases. She is a Woman who goes in search of love and faces humiliation and disrespect, but she bares it all in the name of love. She wins her love but loses it soon, she gains all respect and love she wanted and loses her life for it. Her selfless love and sacrifice and commitment, the courage to face the consequences of her decisions are unmatchable.

Priyanka Chopra as Sonia

Though Sonia was not a princess in Drona, she was a spirited, fearless bodyguard raised with single-minded devotion to serving the line of Dronas. She was more of a guide and a protector just like a Man.

Kareena Kapoor as Kaurawki

Kareena was electric on screen as the warrior princess Kaurwaki in Asoka. Kareena exuded fire and passion in every scene with or without Shah Rukh Khan. Songs epitomized her mercurial personality.

Ramya Krishnan as Sivagami

She was the most intense character in Baahubali. A perfect mother, a protector of the throne, a strong headed wife, wise decision maker and a fearless lady of Mahishmati. She rose goosebumps and proved that age or role does not matter for a woman to be so majestic and strong.

Kajal Aggarwalas Mithravinda Devi and Indu

This was a uniquely challenging role for Kajal in Magadheera, one as a present-day girl and another as Mithravinda Devi, the crown princess of Udayghad who is in love with Bhairava. Her cute and subtle expressions, her undying love to Bhairava proved to be a muse for many true lovers.

Sowmya H Reddy
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